During December 2019, thirty-six children were taken to hospital by our N.G.O in Ukerewe Island, Tanzania to have their medical needs assessed. 

Some of the conditions treated include Malaria, Typhoid, Sickle Cell, Urine system failure, eye problems, U.T.I's, and stomach problems. 

The children were seen and treated at various hospitals, both on Ukerewe and on the mainland.  Some of the treatments are still ongoing. 
Our Medical Fund pays for transport to and from the hospital; treatment, and food and accommodation when necessary for the child and their parent/guardian. 
Anither Makene Frank Lazaro Gaudencia K Kakuru 
Anither Frank  Gaudencia
Joel S Magoma Juma L Mgaya Kulwa C Burandi
Joel Juma Kulwa
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