Whilst in Ukerewe during July/August 2012, it was decided to create a new kitchen for Lake Victoria Children's Society. There was an existing outside kitchen, which is usual on the island.

Outside kitchen

There was an empty room available to rent, which needed painting out.  Steve soon set to work ...

20120710 046

and Everest, who owns the building was always a willing helper ....

20120710 045

Noella was the local electrician, and Noella and Terry (a volunteer joiner) made a good team.  Whilst Noella was installing cables, Terry was fitting the gas hob into the work surface.

20120710 093

I'll teach you some joinery Noella, so look and learn!

20120710 110

Robert was teaching Dorice how to tile .......

20120830 342

and afterwards, Steve taught her how to grout between the tiles ...

20120710 338

After a team effort, the finished kitchen.

20120710 759

The gas hob definitely came in handy for cooking pancakes for lunch

20120710 572

A well earned rest for Patricia and Robert

20120710 051

The kitchen is now an essential place for the childrens breakfast preparations.  LVC have been doing some outside catering to seminars and meetings etc. when ever the opportunity has arisen.

The stainless steel tables and gas hob, along with other things, was kindly sourced by Pat and Steve.