Novia was a three year old little girl who died last year of retinoblastoma.  Unfortunately, our charity became involved too late to save her.  We also became aware that the family house was being shored up and we were told that it would not withstand the rainy season.

The family was given the equivalent of £25.00 to build another house by an organization in Tanzania, but the money was not enough. We paid for the windows and doors; wooden beams to secure the corrugated iron roof to the walls; cement to plaster the home inside and out to make it strong and also strengthened the foundations.

We believe that the new house will be secure for a few years now.  Seven people live in this small dwelling but at least they will be dry and happy in the knowledge that the house will withstand any weather conditions.

Below are pictures of the old house and the new home front and back.

IMG 0407

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